X-Ray and Imaging Services

Digital X-rays provide us with accurate images immediately.
pet xray and imaging

Imaging Services at Sanderlin Veterinary Hospital

Radiographic technology is a valuable tool for diagnosing animal health problems, when external examination is not enough. The process is painless and can usually be performed without sedation, although sedation can be administered if needed. At Sanderlin Veterinary Hospital, digital X-rays provide our staff with clear and accurate images immediately, for fast and precise diagnosis of your pet’s health problems.


Digital radiology provides us with a safe, non-invasive way to observe your pet’s internal physiology, fractures, bone and joint abnormalities, and other injuries. We can also screen for abnormalities in the heart, lungs, urinary, and digestive organs, and screen for certain forms of cancer. We also use digital radiology to find foreign objects and materials within the body that may have been ingested. X-rays can be used to diagnose:

  • Tumors
  • Bladder stones
  • Bone fractures
  • Problems with internal organs
  • Reproductive system issues
  • Urinary tract problems


Sanderlin Veterinary Hospital uses the latest in digital radiographic technology which allows the doctor to view the radiograph with enhanced detail. There are a number of benefits to digital radiology compared to traditional film x-rays. Digital x-rays have a higher image quality than film x-rays, making it much easier to view and interpret. Digital images are available instantly, allowing for a quicker and more accurate diagnosis.

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